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The Performance Vector Safety Initiative, launched in 2015, has expanded to include helicopter maintenance technician training and some aircraft training activities. It has since been integrated into USAIG’s broader safety initiative, which provides a portfolio of safety services that eligible policyholders can use annually. This initiative enables operators to access top-tier safety training to ensure safe operations and reduce accidents.


By participating in USAIG’s Performance Vector safety initiative, HTIGLOBAL has made world-class helicopter mechanic training more affordable for operators who are USAIG policyholders. This is achieved by enabling Safety Bucks, which can offset up to US$2500 in training costs.




How was htiglobal 


Pablo Linares founder of htiglobal created his company to offer Professional Technical Instruction to helicopter operators. htiglobal offers quality and professional courses with technical training material in a digital format. All courses are offered in different languages as required by the customer. Each htiglobal course is FAA approved.


htiglobal with qualified instructors for an aeronautical world of the future

Technical Instructors


All HTIglobal instructors are active aeronautical technicians focused on helicopter maintenance and in turn are technical instructors


htiglobal LLC

All HTIGLOBAL instructors are aeronautical technicians focused on helicopter maintenance


Course material is offered in a digital format. Our training material is the key to the excellence of our courses


Pablo Linares

Founder of HTIGLOBAL LLC and Technical Director. Aeronautical Consultant for different government entities in Latin America

Our Team

Pablo Linares

Pablo Linares

Helicopter Aeronautical Technician and Private Helicopter Pilot. He has more than 30 years as a helicopter technician and over 19 years in technical instruction. He was a Specialist Instructor for Bell Helicopter Training Academy for 10 years, focused on the Medium Line Training Courses on Field Maintenance, Overhaul. Founder and CEO of htiglobal since 2014.


Victor Hernandez

Victor Hernandez

Maintenance Technician with a Technical Instructor Certification from the Colombian Aeronautical Authority. Airplane Commercial Pilot (inactive). He has 20 years of maintenance experience in Bell Helicopters, 3 years in BK-117 and 2 in AW-139. Pilot Instructor as well as Instructor for Flight Attendants and Dispatchers at Avianca.


Luis Devia

Luis Devia

FAA A&P, Maintenance Technician with a Technical Instructor Certification from the Chilean Aeronautical Authority. He has 30 years of experience with Airbus Helicopter products. Great technical experience as a Field Mechanic and also as a Technical Representative in this discipline.

Raul Moreno

Raul Moreno

Specialist Instructor in Rolls Royce and Turbomeca-Safram engines. He has over 45 yrs of experience.

Jose Ramos

Jose Ramos

Helicopter Aeronautical Technician and Instructor. With more than 40 yrs. as a Helicopter technician and over 24 Years in technical instruction. He was a Technical Training Specialist at Bell Helicopter Training Academy for 24 Years in Texas, focusing on the Light Line Training Courses including: Series 206,407,429 and 505. Field Maintenance and Overhaul Courses. Being Bilingual, he trained in English and Spanish.